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Many Texans call Weatherford home as of the most recent census. The city is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and is located about 25 miles away from Fort Worth on the west side of town.

For a small town, Weatherford has quite a bit going on, and it happens to be the Peach Capital of Texas with a lot of the tasty fruit grown in the area. Every year the city comes together to celebrate this event with the Parker County Peach Festival, which includes such items as peach cobbler, peach ice cream and peach juleps.

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If you have a few too many juleps, then you’ll want to avoid driving and arrange for alternate transportation. If your night ends with flashing lights in your rear view mirror, it won’t be a happy finish but you do have options. The key is to hire a good Weatherford DWI lawyer who can help you navigate your case. That way you can make sure that your drunk driving case in Weatherford doesn’t disrupt your life for too long.

After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on driving into town to check out some of the historic homes and buildings in the area. There are a number of landmark buildings in town, making it pleasant to drive in, park and take a walk around. You might choose to go out for dinner and drinks after your fun day, but again remember to be responsible.

While good Weatherford DWI attorneys are available, you don’t want to find yourself becoming fast friends with a drunk driving lawyer because you’re in frequent trouble. Still, they are the best people to call to try to minimize the punishment.

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