Privacy Policy

Myself and my business pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer, and client confidentiality, is an important part of this. With a few rare exceptions any discussion with an attorney will be regarded as confidential. Your written consent is required for any information you divulge to me regarding your DWI case to be disclosed.
Being arrested and charged can be embarrassing and a real shock to the system but it is always better for lawyer and clients if the client is completely honest. A lawyer with DWI experience will not be shocked by anything that you have to say and this honesty can have a positive influence on the outcome of your case.
Information that we have acquired from you regarding your case will only be used to contact you in relation to the case. Sometimes in the future we may contact you in relation to issues we think might be interesting to you. We can be contacted at anytime so you can see what information we have in our database on yourself and this can be deleted as you wish.