University Park

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University Park is a suburb within Dallas with about known for being the location of Southern Methodist University. University Park is located near Dallas, and is considered an inner suburb.

A lot of the population in University Park has ties to nearby Southern Methodist University, and the school’s football and baseball games can be fun events for residents to attend. Other nearby fans may choose to watch games at a local sports bar. If you have a few too many cold beers while enjoying a Southern Methodist University Mustangs sporting event, you’ll want to make sure you arrange transportation so that you don’t end up behind the wheel and in trouble.

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If you do end up with a criminal DWI case, your first step should be to call a good University Park DWI lawyer to help you find the best path forward. Many people are unfamiliar with the proceedings of a DWI case in University Park the first time around, so having somebody who has handled these dealings repeatedly can be a huge advantage. That’s why calling a University Park DWI attorney is such a good decision.

In addition to the school, there are some local parks nearby that offer great spots to take a walk or having a picnic while looking out over some water or a fountain, such as that in Williams Park. If you plan a picnic with some wine or champagne, you’ll want to make sure you don’t end up in any trouble from your drive home so don’t drink too much.

If you have a lapse in judgment, you’ll need to call a University Park DWI attorney to help you out of the jam.

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