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McKinney, Texas, is the second largest city in Collin County, trailing only Plano in population size. With nearly 135,000 residents, McKinney sneaks onto the list of the 20 largest cities in Texas when measured by population.

It’s also growing quickly, showing that McKinney is a popular place to move. The Census Bureau ranked it as the fastest growing city in the country four times in the decade from 2000 to 2010.

If you have a criminal DWI case in McKinney, it is important to get a good DWI lawyer on your side. Sometimes it helps to have a local McKinney DWI attorney working with you as they will be familiar with the local court system and may have a strong working relationship with the prosecutor. That can be helpful in trying to arrange a deal that is fair to both sides and shortens the process.

Measures to Take When You Need a McKinney DWI Attorney

That can be a big deal if you are worried about overcoming your DWI charges in McKinney and getting back to life as usual as quickly as possible, which can be quite pleasant in McKinney where average temperatures don’t drop below 52 degrees year round.

That means that there is a lot of time to be spent outdoors with friends and family at cook outs and pool parties or just taking in the weather with an outdoor activity. Often times drinking takes place in those situations, so make sure that you have a designated driver.

If you do get a DWI charge in McKinney, though, remember that there are good drunk driving lawyers in McKinney who want to help you through the process. You should never take on something as serious as a DWI case in McKinney alone, so hire a good DWI lawyer.

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