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Mansfield, Texas, is a city inside of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that nearly 60,000 people call home. Those numbers are expected to grow in the coming years as well, as Mansfield, a lot like other Dallas and Forth Worth suburbs is experiencing rapid population growth.

The area has had a number of cities ranked in the top 100 lists of best places to live. Usually they have low crime and a high quality of life. That’s the case for Mansfield, which is home to the Farr Best Theater. The venue has been around for a while, dating back to 1917 and is a great place to take in a concert or other live performance.

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Sometimes those types of events are marked by enjoying a few beers before, during or after with your friends and family. If you do, make sure that you don’t have to drive. Of course, if you do find yourself facing DWI charges in Mansfield, the right move is to hire a qualified Mansfield DWI attorney to help you proceed through the process.

Nobody plans on getting a DWI in Mansfield, or anywhere for that matter, but once you make that mistake the key is to make good decisions moving forward. You want to be out and about in the Historic Downtown area as quickly as possible, taking in the sights and sounds with your friends and enjoying a sunny weekend day with no distractions.

That’s a realistic goal if you hire a good drunk driving lawyer in Mansfield to provide you with guidance and help you get a good deal when all is said and done. You don’t want to try to represent yourself and leave your criminal DWI case in Mansfield to chance, so hire a good DWI attorney.

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