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Greenville, Texas, is a city on the outskirts of Dallas that has about 25,000 residents officially but has additional residents that live just outside the official city limits. Despite being nearly 50 miles away from Dallas, Greenville is still considered part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

If you are searching for a Greenville DWI attorney, it is important to make sure you get the best one available so that you have the best chance of avoiding any serious ramifications from your DWI charges in Greenville.

Given its location, Greenville offers people the best of two worlds. They have the chance to take a short drive in to Dallas to enjoy big city life, while still having the benefits of living in a small, old-fashioned town. The historic district of Greenville can be fun to walk around for a day out in the sun.

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You can enjoy the flowers of the Heritage Garden or just take in some of the old architecture and reminisce about the good old days. Afterward you might enjoy spending some time in a local restaurant or bar for a good meal and a few drinks.

If that’s in your plans then you should think about it ahead of time and make some good arrangements to ensure that you don’t have to drive. However, if you do find yourself facing DWI charges in Greenville, make sure you get the best Greenville drunk driving lawyer available.

That way you will be able to sleep easily at night knowing that you have the best representation available and a good chance of continuing forward in life with minimal disruption to your driving privileges or routines. Nobody wants to have to ask a friend for a ride into Dallas from Greenville, so make the right decision.

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