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Forney, Texas, is a small city with about 15,000 residents that is on the outskirts of Dallas. Forney has been dubbed the “Antique Capital of Texas,” so if you head there to do some shopping you might see a lot of antiques stores.

That can lead to a great day strolling through town picking out cool items to buy and enjoying your surroundings. Often, you may decide to cap off the day with a few drinks at dinner or afterward. If that is the case, you want to make sure that you make the proper arrangements to avoid drinking and driving in Forney.

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Nobody wants a fun day out and about to end up in the back of a police car because of a criminal DWI case in Forney, but if that’s what happens to you remember that you still have options. The best among them is to call a Forney DWI attorney right away so that you can get solid representation as you plot your course forward.

Too often, people try to handle DWI charges on their own. This is a risky strategy and your results will be unlikely to be as good as if you find a good Forney DWI lawyer to take your case and get you the best deal available.

That way you can be back to enjoying life in Forney as quickly as possible. Just remember that if you ever find yourself combating boredom in Forney, if your plan for a good time involves drinking it should also involve a designated driver. You never want to be talking to a Forney drunk driving lawyer, but at least if you are you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision moving forward.

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