What will happen in Court?

– What will happen after I get arrested for a Dallas DWI Misdemeanor?
After you are arrested and post a bond for a Dallas DWI Misdemeanor, you will be given a date on which you must appear in court. This date is usually 30 days after your arrest. During this time you’re advised to find an experienced attorney to represent you. If you hire an attorney during this period then your attorney will appear in court and you will not be required to appear.

– What will happen in the time period before I appear in court?
The police agency will file your case with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Once filed, the video evidence and any paperwork associated with your case will be available to your attorney.

– What will happen after the date of my first appearance in Court?
Your case will be passed for “Announcement” settings while your attorney reviews the evidence and meets with you to discuss how you wish to proceed with your case. You may decide to enter into plea negotiation with the DA’s Office, schedule your case for a hearing on the legality of your arrest, schedule a trial in front of the judge or request a trial in front of 6 jurors.