What are the costs involved?

Many of the costs involved in a DWI case only accrue if you are convicted for a Dallas DWI by entering a plea of guilty or no contest or by being found guilty at trial. The costs include fines and court costs. If you are put on probation, you must also pay $60 every month in probation supervision fees. You will be required to pay the costs of any urinalysis testing and the costs of any classes you are required to attend as a condition of your probation.

There may be restitution ordered for the costs of blood testing and any damage not covered by insurance if you were involved in an accident..

 In addition to the costs mentioned above, you will also have to pay a surcharge of $1,000-$2,000 annually for 3 years which will be levied to you by the Department of Public Safety.

If your license is suspended you will be required to purchase SR-22 insurance. If an Ignition Interlock Device is ordered, you will have to pay the monthly cost for the device. The costs mentioned above do not include attorneys fees, the costs of missing work for court, bonds posted for jail release, costs of traveling to and from court, towing fees and higher insurance premiums.

All these costs added up readily exceed $7,500-$10,500. Having a skilled attorney can help minimize many monetary penalties and thus minimize your losses.