Is it possible to win a Dallas DWI case?

Yes – it is possible to win a Dallas DWI case. The outcome depends on the facts of your particular case. Our attorney regularly fights DWI cases and has won many cases for our clients in the past.
To ensure that you have maximum odds of winning the case, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to defend you in court. A professional who has prior experience fighting DWI cases will help you understand what is to be expected in and out of court, and how to deal with it. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys. They have years of experience fighting DWI cases and will give you valuable insight into your case.
Examples of some of the winning strategies employed by our attorneys include arguing constitutional violations and challenging BAC (Blood Alcohol concentration) levels. Our attorneys analyze the police reports systematically to ensure that the law was followed. They also analyze the device used to conduct any chemical testing, the qualifications of the person conducting the test and the lab protocols and procedures.