How Much is Bail for DWI in Dallas, Texas?

How Much is Bail for DWI in Dallas, Texas?

How Much is Bail for DWI in Dallas, Texas?

Being charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in Dallas, Texas, is a serious accusation and can have a severe impact on your life. Following an arrest, you will be placed in jail until a judge sets a bail amount. After posting bail, you should immediately contact an experienced Dallas DWI attorney such as Jay Brooks Bishop IV at The Dallas DWI Specialists. He’s fought and won many DWI cases, and he can help defend you. 

What Is Bail?

The term “bail” refers to a set monetary amount determined in order to be released from jail and later return to court for a hearing or trial after being released. Instead of paying the full amount, an alleged offender can also be released on a bail bond or personal bond (cash, bond, or other security), which will guarantee that you will return for your court hearing. 

Personal bonds allow a judge to release an individual on his word that he will return to court without the assurance of security, but this is rare for DWI cases.

Who Can Post Bail?

An alleged offender can hire a bondsman to post bail on their behalf if he or she cannot pay his or her bail. Bondsmen usually charge a fee (generally about 15% of the bond itself) to post bond. 

The bondsman releases liability, and funds are returned if the arrested individual follows through and makes the appointed court appearance. If the alleged offender does not appear in court, the bondsman is held accountable and must pay the full bond or bring the individual to court.

A family member or friend may also pay the bond, but there must be a bail bond agent licensed in Texas able to post the bond on behalf of the family. Your attorney can also post a bond for you, but that attorney must then also legally represent you in any court hearings and trials.

What Factors Determine How Much Bail Will Be?

Many different factors determine the bail price, so there is no definitive amount. In general, a first-time offender for DWI will have bail set between $200 and $1000, depending on the judge and the circumstances. This number can also be raised or lowered with the judge’s prerogative. Other factors which may alter the amount of bail set by a judge include:

  • Any past DWI convictions
  • Prior convictions which indicate violence or flight risk upon release
  • Willingness to submit to mandatory blood alcohol level testing
  • Any aggravating factors included in the DWI charge
  • Probation violation from a previous incident

Some counties in Texas have a predetermined bail schedule used to determine bail in a variety of circumstances. Regardless of the bail price, it is always best to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. 

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