Hazardous Holidays Happenings

Hazardous Holidays Happenings

With Labor Day quickly approaching, summer is officially coming to a close and most people across the country will be wrapping up their summer and enjoying their three-day holiday weekend. While holidays are a time for fun and merriment, and the ever so appreciated extra day off work – they can also be surprisingly dangerous.

While New Years and Thanksgiving typically rank highest in most accident-prone holidays, Labor Day isn’t too far off. As time on the road during this three-day holiday increases, so do the chances for accidents. The National Safety Council estimates 405 fatalities will occur this Labor Day weekend.

Because more injuries and fatalities happen during Labor Day, we decided to take a closer look at the data for all holiday hazards. Below are our findings on the prevalence of holiday injuries and fatalities.

So, be aware, be cautious, but enjoy your Labor Day BBQ’s – wherever they take you!

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