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As a part of a group of municipalities called the “Mid-Cities”, Bedford is a small town located directly between Dallas and Ft. Worth. That means when you live in this comfortable little town, you will be able to enjoy the attractions that both larger cities have to offer. Just minutes from your front door, you could enjoy going to a pro football game at Cowboys Stadium. You can take some time and learn about a significant event in America’s past by visiting the Book Repository where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly stood when he assassinated John F. Kennedy. Additionally, in the city, you can find the professionals you need should you ever require a Bedford DWI attorney or anyone else.

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Dallas and Ft. Worth also have plenty of dining establishments that you could enjoy as well as a busy nightlife. With so many options out there, of course, you may find yourself spending plenty of weekend nights enjoying live music, plenty of friends, and drinks on the town. Just be aware of the Texas DWI laws. If you plan on driving home, the best choice is to avoid anything to drink or you could get arrested for drunk driving in Bedford.

While Bedford may seem to be a rural town, it’s conveniently located between Dallas and Ft. Worth. That means you can enjoy the big city anytime you would like, unless you get arrested for drinking and driving that is. If you do get caught with a DWI, be sure to get a Bedford DWI lawyer as soon as possible after the legal charges. We understand a criminal DWI case in the state of Texas as well as in Bedford, so we can work for you. When you choose us as your legal representation, we will help you get the best possible outcome from your case.

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