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Dallas DWI Lawyer

Dallas DWI LawyerBeing convicted of a DWI is a serious criminal offense. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DWI in Dallas, you are at the right place. Our Dallas DWI lawyer, Jeremy Wilson, has the knowledge and experience to defend you and achieve the best possible case outcome, regardless of the severity of your DWI offense.

The lawyer at our Dallas DWI law firm understand the seriousness of a DWI arrest and the embarrassment, shame, and stress that often follows. You can relax knowing that a capable, experienced attorney is fighting your case and helping protect your rights.

In Dallas, if you drive under the influence you can be charged with a criminal DWI. If you are convicted of a DWI, or enter a “no contest” plea, you can face fees in excess of $10,000, loss of your drivers license, time in jail, and/or probation. If you are under the age of 21, with a .08% Blood alcohol level, you will face DWI penalties and you may be charged with underage drinking. In addition to the above, with a criminal DWI conviction, you will be facing 12 hours or more of DWI education and if this is your second or third offense, you can have an ignition interlock device placed on your ignition so the vehicle cannot be driven if you have been drinking. Choosing to consult with DWI lawyers can affect the outcome of your case.

If a breathalyzer test or blood test shows 0.08, or if you refuse to submit to the test if requested, your license will be immediately taken away and your license will likely be suspended for 6 months. This 6 months is in additional to any license suspension you may later get if convicted of a criminal DWI. If you or one of your attorneys do not ask for a Administrative Licensing hearing within fifteen days of the arrest the Texas Department of Public Safety will suspend your license forty days after the date of your arrest. If you do not have a Texas driver’s license then the license will be made invalid in the state of issue. If a Administrative Licensing Revocation Program (ALR) hearing is not requested or this hearing lost, on a first DWI charge, a suspension of three months will be placed on your license. If you have refused the requests of the police for a blood or breath test in the past, your license will be suspended for 6 months. A competent Dallas DWI attorney can contest these suspensions. It is of crucial importance that the ALR hearing is properly requested within fifteen days of the arrest by either an attorney or the defendant. If this is not processed in the correct manner a suspension will go into effect 40 days after the arrest.

The main goal of our DWI criminal lawyer is to get a complete dismissal of your DWI, however if this is not possible our lawyer will focus on reducing the DWI charges and decreasing both the financial and criminal penalties of your arrest. In addition, our DWI lawyer can represent you at the ALR hearing and increase your chance of keeping your license. While our attorney cannot guarantee your license will not be suspended, we can guarantee that if you do not challenge your license suspension there is 100% chance you will lose your license.

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Our Dallas DWI criminal attorney knows how an arrest may be challenged and how a suspension can be avoided. The use of lawyers can provide you with an aggressive defense against your DWI charges and are aware of the legalities involved with a DWI and can devise your best defense strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happens if I refuse the breathalyzer test?

You will have your license suspended for 6 months.

2. What happens to my Texas driver’s license after a DWI?

Your license will likely be taken by the arresting officer and a temporary license will be issued for a limited time. You must request a suspension hearing within 15 days of arrest to contest your license suspension. Even if your are arrested in Fort Worth we can assist you. Contact us to speak with our Fort Worth DWI lawyer about the details of your case.

3. What are the penalties for a 1st time DWI?

$2,000 maximum fine
Up to six months behind bars
Suspended driver’s license for up to a year
$1,000 every year for three years to keep your driver’s license
Court costs and fees are additional

4. What is a DWI Surcharge?

A DWI surcharge is a fine every year for 3 years to keep your drivers license.
First time DWI surcharge fee- $1,000 a year.
Second time DWI surcharge fee- $1,500 a year.
Third time DWI surcharge fee- $2,000 a year.

5. Is it possible to get driving privileges if your license is suspended?

Yes, you can apply for an occupational license. An occupational license can be used for going to school, work, medical appointments, and church. You can drive with the license up to 12 hours a day, with a limit of 60 hours per week.

6. Can I be convicted of a DWI driving another vehicle?

Yes, under Texas law you may get a DWI for driving a boat. You can also get a DWI for flying an aircraft or riding a bicycle while under the influence.

7. Will I go to jail for 1st time criminal DWI?

Under Texas law, jail time is a penalty for a DWI. However, if this is your first time, it will likely be probation. The probation may be tied to a deferred jail sentence that you will receive if you violate your probation terms. We know there are many Dallas DWI attorneys for you to chose from, so we appreciate you taking the time to contact us to help you understand the details of your case.

8. How long does DWI conviction stay on my record? Can it be expunged?

A DWI conviction stays permanently on your record. It also may not be expunged unless you were falsely charged or found not guilty.

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